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How was Little Prezzies born?

Little Prezzies didn't start off as a business.

I was working a full time job, I have two kids and I am a single mum. I had my hands full like you would not believe.

I was working stupid hours in a corporate job. Waking up at 6 to get kids ready for nursery, dropping them off by 8 so I was at work for half 8....which never happened! I set myself up to fail EVERY SINGLE DAY!

I was frustrated, down and generally fed up. I wasn't spending ANY quality time with my kids. As a result, they were basically being brought up by others. And that didn't sit well with my conscience when problems started creeping in.

My son started stuttering, my daughter was so unhappy at her new school and went from being a happy, bubbly and confident little girl, to throwing tantrums, crying and pushing me away. I was alone and I had no idea what to do to make the situation better. The only thing I could think of was to let go of the job I loved doing. Now, I worked throughout my pregnancies and all the way up to when my kids started school. I did my crazy routine for over 5 years. It was time I took some control back. I wouldn't recommend anyone else take the steps I did. Everyone is different, and honestly, I struggled. I'm still struggling.

I'm struggling with coping to be a single mum. I'm struggling to be a good mum. I'm struggling to accept what I am able to provide for my children. And then I realised... all these things that I had listed were things that were statements of the mindset that was driving me. It was all NEGATIVE. In reality...I wasn't struggling from being a single mum...I was just learning HOW to be a single mum and accepting that I was one now. I wasn't NOT PROVIDING for my children, I just had to learn how to be selective and provide for them more QUALITY than QUANTITY. And most importantly, I wasn't struggling to be a good mum...I am a GREAT MUM...I just need to cut myself some slack and realise, I'm doing the best that I can dammit, and that is good enough!!!

I left my job. I gave myself credit for doing so, because doing it was scary! I had NO PLAN. Again...let me repeat myself when I say...don't do what I did...that was a stupid move. I did it out of desperation. I wanted to scoop my kids up and protect them.

I started to understand, that just like me...they were learning HOW TO BE with a single parent. THEY also had to adjust to DADDY not being there anymore. They had to adjust to one parent dealing with the school drop offs, sorting dinner out when we finally got home past 6 in the evening, when everyone was exhausted. They had to deal with learning how to help Mummy in getting dressed when she was showering the other one before bed. They had to learn that it was important to sleep in their own beds because Mummy couldn't fit all three of us in hers anymore. They had to learn to put their own shoes on in the morning because Mummy was clearing up breakfast and prepping dinner for our return before we rushed out of the house. They had to learn how to wait in a cold car while Mummy figured out how to jump start the car because we had left one of the lights on when we got out the night before, and the battery went flat.

I could go on. My kids are amazingly resilient. They are the most amazing little people I have ever come across. I have more respect for these two munchkins than I have for a lot of grown ups that I know!!! And its because of these two that I decided to give my passion a go again.

Little Prezzies didn't start off as a business idea. It started off as a declaration that I was somebody, that I had passion and a talent, and that I was allowed to give myself time to have fun and grow my skills. It was my rebellion against everything that made me feel that because my marriage had failed, everything else I did was going to fail too. I sat down and I created.

The idea of what I wanted to create was already there. It came to me when I looked at my home. The home I decorated and adorned to be our FAMILY home. The home I created for our children. And I say I...because the person who I was meant to be creating these dreams with, wasn't walking on the same path as me. So I realised I was already alone when I was creating my environment. And that made me so sad! I wanted a happy, fun and safe environment for me and my children. Not only did I redecorate, I removed some of the photos in the house that just left me feeling so sad. And I wanted to replace them with something that made me smile. Something that brought joy and LIGHT into the room...

Because I had turned to my faith to help me ride the waves in my ocean, I created my first design. The Guru Nanak Dev Ji frame. This frame brought me joy and excitement. Once I showed friends and family, I had requests to create one for them. And this request came over and and over again. But my portfolio also started growing. Ganesh Ji, Guru Gobind Singh Ji, Hanuman...the list went on...

This is how Little Prezzies hope through a private rebellion and a need to bring more joy in to my home.

Sharan K

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