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Updated: Oct 15, 2018


I’m Bushrah, and the founder of Artisan by Bushrah. I am a qualified Reiki practitioner as well as a makeup artist and hairstylist.

So, why am I writing this blog here?

Well, I met Sharan K from Little Prezzies, and I loved her products. We got in touch and talked about business and life and through the hour where we were having a coffee, we realised that we could blend our businesses together to provide a hell of a unique product! This is a joint venture, but Sharan admitted to not knowing a lot about Reiki and was convinced that her audience would benefit from learning a little about this form of healing too.

So, what is Reiki?

Reiki is a gentle hands-on energy healing. It is a Japanese technique which has the power to reunite the trinity of the mind, body and spirit in their optimal state of harmony. A place which we all should start, as you relax you feel as if you are surrounded by a warm radiant glow.

Many clients have reported feelings of peace, clarity, deep relaxation and transformation. Reiki is simple, natural and a safe remedy to a number of issues. Treatments can be had to prevent illnesses and help you heal from existing illnesses.

Reiki promotes the healing in the following ways:

1 – Balances the bodies energies and chakras

2 – Reduces the feeling of stress

3 – Brings clarity of thoughts

4 – Strengthen the bodies immune system

5 – Compliments medical treatment and recovery

6 – Releases suppressed emotions and finally enhances your creativity.

If you are getting married I also offer Reiki pre-wedding sessions or two which will help you relax, keep calm and channel your emotions to enjoy one of the most special days in your life in harmony and consciousness.

Our energetic body is just as important to tone, love, and take care of as our physical body. It is where the disease starts, where trauma first hits, and an amalgamation of the entirety of our experience as a soul.

What are Chakra's?

There are Seven Chakras, which are the main energy centres in our body. Each chakra vibrates at a different frequency and transmits the energy when opened and balanced. When any of our chakras are closed or blocked disease can occur as the energy which is needed to sustain the physical bodys’ well-being is restricted. In order to correct this problem, the seven chakras must be opened and re-balanced, thereby clearing any clogged or blocked chakras and allowing energy to flow freely into the physical body.

Distance Healing?

Reiki is not associated with any religion or based on any belief system. Reiki energy has no boundaries and can be given in person or over distance. A distance Reiki treatment is just as strong as energy is not bound by distance or time. The healing vibration is not limited by distance, the whole experience is very calming and non-intrusive. Reiki is increasingly being used in various locations including private practices, complimentary therapy centres, hospices, cancer support group, post-operative recovery and many more.

Crystal Healing?

I offer crystals infused with Reiki which are very powerful and I have had some amazing results for my clients. I have offered Reiki infused crystals for clients who have then used them on their vision boards and it has worked wonders. It is not always necessary to carry the crystals around where ever you go, though this method does carry its own benefits.

How long before I start to feel the effects?

Each client is different, as is their condition. It is impossible to give time for your body to respond but in general patients have reported feeling a significant improvement in their conditions 3-5 days from the very first session.

If you are interested in Reiki and its healing purposes, do get in touch to book your consultation via the Little Prezzies website. If you would like to see the package information, please click on the following link

The crystals that I recommend can be infused with Reiki healing, mounted into a beautiful frame with white lights and sent to you.

Warm wishes

Bushrah x

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