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I've placed an order, when will I receive it?

All my items are hand made and set to cure 24 hours before shipping. If you require a piece within a particular timescale, please message me before you place your order to ensure I have the capacity to create your piece within that given time frame.

Every piece of artwork takes time to make due to the nature of it being hand made.

The plug in nightlights can take between 5 to 10 days to be shipped out. 

Small frames can take between 10 to 15 days to be shipped out.

Large frames can take between 15 - 20 days to be shipped out. 

Why does it take so long to be shipped out?

Most of my items are personalised. This takes time and effort to design the final piece and perfect it to a high standard. Once the design has been completed, the process of cutting the vinyl starts. Due to the nature of some of the intricacies of the the artwork, this can take time, again to ensure the quality of the work.

Once the vinyl has been cut and placed onto the frame, it takes between 12 to 24 hours to cure, after which the product is checked for any issues, packed and shipped out.

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